Clinical Biomarkers

National facility

The Clinical biomarkers facility offers services for high-throughput and highly specific analyses of protein biomarker candidates in body fluids such as plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluids etc. and cell and tissue lysates using molecular tools such as proximity extension and proximity ligation technologies (PEA and PLA) providing assays with high specificity and sensitivity in complex biological matrices.

Currently we provide services using 12 Proseek Multiplex protein panels each consisting of 92 proteins and 4 controls, CVD II, CVD III, Inflammation I, Neurology I, Oncology II, Immuno-Oncology I, Immune Response, Organ Damage, Metabolism, Development, Cell Regulation and Cardiometabolic panel..



  • Multiplex and single-plex analyses of proteins using only 1 μl samples
  • Panels of 92 proteins with relevance to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, etc.
  • Analyzing all types of body fluids,g. serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluids and other biological materials such as cells and tissue lysates
  • Consultation in study design and statistical data analyses
  • Protein panels/assays:
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 CVD II
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 CVD III
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Inflammation I
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Neurology I
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Oncology II
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Immuno-Oncology I
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Immune Response -Exploratory Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Metabolism -Exploratory Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Organ Damage -Exploratory Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Development -Exploratory Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Cell Regulation -Exploratory Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Cardiometabolic -Exploratory Panel

    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 CVD I -Discontinued Panel
    • Proseek Multiplex 96x96 Oncology I v2 -Discontinued Panel



  • Detecting and quantifying single and panels of proteins
  • Quantitative analyses of the effect of drug candidates for protein expression


Equipment includes:

2 BioMark™ HD Readers, real-time PCR instruments with Fluidigm Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFCs).