Fluorescence Tissue Profiling

National facility

Fluorescence Tissue Profiling offers fluorescence-based analysis of protein expression and distribution in tissue samples. The facility utilizes various immunohistochemical techniques and has developed protocols for complex multiplex immunofluorescence on cryosections (fixed and unfixed) and paraffin embedded human and nonhuman tissue samples. The service in the fluorescence tissue profiling facility will enable Swedish researchers to utilize available expertise and infrastructure for their tissue profiling needs. The facility staff advises on protocols and selection of antibodies and assists in tissue processing, image acquisition and image processing. The facility has access to an internal resource of >35,000 antibodies from the Human Protein Atlas project.


  • Creating advanced multiplex staining protocols including antibody validation.
  • Image acquisition. Capturing large specimens with microscopic resolution using fluorescence microscopy and transmitted light microscopy.
  • Image analysis and quantification of immunofluorescence or immunohistochemistry data.


  • Investigation of coexistence of proteins with known cellular markers.
  • Investigation of local changes in protein expression in relation to known disease processes.
  • Quantification of cellular protein concentrations.


  • Autostainer. Leica Bond RX autostainer (IHC and ISH).
  • Slide scanning microscope. Two MetaSystems fully automated slide scanning microscopes with integrated classifier based on the fly image analysis and stitching software.
  • Western blot. Multichannel western blot setup and image acqusition (Bio-Rad Chemidoc).


As a service and in collaboration with Swedish researchers we successfully established multiplex immunofluorescence staining protocols for >20 different human and rodent tissue types and delivered terabytes of image data to our collaborators.