Faculty scientific event support 2017

SciLifeLab offers administrative support and/or co-funding for scientific events organized by SciLifeLab Faculty. If you have an event planned or an idea for an event (workshop, symposia, conference or similar) that would benefit from our support, please submit your application via the form below.

Submission deadline: May 7th

Contact person: Mikaela Friedman, mikaela.friedman@scilifelab.se


Evaluation of the pilot call

SciLifeLab event support HT17 - Evaluation


Criteria to apply for central SciLifeLab support

To receive central SciLifeLab scientific event support, the event must:

  • Be a national event, accepting participants nationally
  • Be organized by one or more SciLifeLab faculty.
  • Prominently feature SciLifeLab in advertisement and during the event


What we offer

If your event is accepted, the support we offer will consider our available resources with the need and extent of the event. We may, for example book the lecture hall and finance a light lunch and fikas during a 1-day workshop, or support one invited speaker from outside SciLifeLab for a conference.

As a minimum, we offer to:

  • Prepare the SciLifeLab event page on https://www-stage.scilifelab.se/events/
  • Set up and administrate participant registration.
  • Announce the event broadly through the SciLifeLab newsletter, our e-mail lists and contacts at other universities and institutes.
  • Handle email communication with participants regarding the registration

In turn, we expect organizers to provide necessary information, such as selecting a date and setting a schedule, in a timely manner. We will stay in touch throughout the process to facilitate a well organized event for both organizers and participants.


Documents to be included with the application

1) Event details

2) Event draft budget


The application is closed.